Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time to play "Catch Up"!!!!!!

Life has turned upside down these past couple of weeks. Seriously, everything I knew before is now gone. To summarize, this is what has been going on:

1) I graduated from BYU!! That's right, after 17ish years of going to school constantly, am I now done! My parents and my mother-in-law came down for the weekend to celebrate in the festivities. Talk about a busy weekend. It still hasn't hit me yet- so far it still feels like a spring break or something. Give me another week and I'm sure I'll be feeling it though!

2) During the same weekend as Graduation, we decided to throw a baby shower! Insane right? Trying to do two big events in one weekend = insanity. But it turned out great! We got some super cute clothes for our little.... GIRL! Yep! We're having ourselves a little girl. I'm still getting over the shock. I could have sworn it was a boy, but so much for Mother's intuition. We're naming her Evolette Grace Montgomery. Her Daddy will call her Evey Grace for short. She got a crib from her Grandma Ward and Aunt Jaimee, and her blessing outfit (among many other outfits)from her Nana. We're so excited that we've already started setting up the baby room. I'm only 5 1/2 months pregnant and the crib is already set up. Be prepared is our motto!

3)Evey Grace
She's doing soo good! And luckily, so is the pregnancy. I'm clear out of the first trimester already- which I must say wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I'm at 22 weeks right now, or about 5.5 months along. I do have a nice little bump, which is taking a LOT of adjusting. I'm trying to keep telling myself, "It's not fat, it's just a baby..." Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it's all good. At her 20 week ultrasound, Evey looks amazing! She has SUPER long legs and a nice, strong, healthy heart and innards. I've just started to feel her move about a week ago, and I swear she hasn't stopped since! She's sooo active, it feels like she's bouncing off the uterine walls. Which I'm sure she is. If I want her stop, all I have to do is have Colter touch my stomach to feel her moving- that usually makes her stop pretty quick. :)

May I just say I have the best husband in existence!!!!!! I'm so sorry all you ladies, but I win the "Best Husband" competition, hands down. He is going to school year-round, meaning he gets no breaks between semesters and is always gone doing the best he can for our family. Yesterday, May 2nd, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe it's already been two years! We're so excited and happy. I know I couldn't have found a harder working man, or a better-looking one- dang he's cute! He's been the most supportive companion, especially throughout this pregnancy. I'm so grateful to have him in my life. I know we can get through anything- I wouldn't be able to do anything without him. Evolette already loves him too. She seriously does backflips when she hears him coming home from work. It's so cute! She just freezes in awe every time he talks or sings to her. I'm really excited when Colter can finally feel her too, or better yet, hold her and begin the Daddy-daughter dynamic duo. :) I love you, Geebee! Happy 2 years!!!!

First comes love....

Then comes marriage...

Now comes baby to complete our family!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


First comes love.....

Then comes marriage....

Then comes baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, love at first sight.

Bianca, Addison, Aaron, and the Brute.

Is this big one for ME?!

You still got me, Uncle Colter?

How many Montgomery's does it take to put together a pony?

This is what happens when Ashley and shrimp cross paths...

Is there room for one more in the tent?

Where'd everyone go? Why isn't anyone admiring my cuteness?

Sydney's first ride on her pony!

"I'm a pretty pony, clippity-clap, clippity-clap...."

Dontcha wish your baby was cute like me?

I'm thinking... I'm thinking..... I'm thinking... Got it!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Bath Time!!!

Time for General's yearly bath!!!! Doesn't he love it when I come home...

Birthday Fun

So, seeing as I took approximately a million pictures during our Christmas break, I'll be posting according to "super-sweet-awesome-fantastic" events. Figured that would be easiest.

So, after a textbook perfect flight from freezing cold Salt Lake to an even colder Denver, we met my parents who volunteered to drive two hours to pick us up. After a thoroughly embarrassing entrance to DIA (involving my mother asking a local news reporter if he wanted to interview and I quote, "the prettiest girl just arriving on a plane?" Yeah, thanks Mom. Gotta love being home. Anyway, we finally got to see my Grandparents, who have spent the last 18 months in Palmyra New York as Temple Missionaries. They haven't seen Colter and I since we have been married, so it was fun to finally see them.

We finally made to Texas Roadhouse, where Colter's family and my family all got together to celebrate all December birthdays, which is way more than any normal family. Here are some pictures from the festivities that night!

Bella's Christmas tutu that I made. I made one for Sydney too. Here's hers:

My sister, Kaitee and her husband Jason LOVED Bella. This was them the entire night. They taught her all new funny faces.

Exhibit A on the faces she learned. :)

Yep. I've got pretty cute nieces.

Who doesn't love dancing in the middle of a restaurant?!

Happy Birthday to: Rick M., Ashley, Addison, Stephanie, and me!!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Turkey Time!

The semester is almost over!!!!!! The end is near!!!! Paradise is around the corner!!!!!! Ok, that's enough now. there's still a lot to be done before we can really say we're finished. Like finals. Yuck. Not going to talk about that. Instead, let's focus on Thanksgiving holiday!!!!!!

We decided to go up to Idaho Falls to visit my sister, Jaimee. Colter hasn't met a lot of the family I have up there, so it was a good opportunity. Unfortunately, a huge blizzad blazed through a day before, making 2 inches of pure ice on the highway. In other words, a 4 hour drive turned into a 6 hour drive. But it was worth it!

This is how we celebrate the long drive up. :) And this is how Jaimee serves ice cream.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my wonderful Aunt Debbie's house! She was wlling to put up with more than 20 people for Thanksgiving, many of them being under the age of 10. I think my niece Liz developed a slight crush on Colter, considering this is only one of many similar pictures.

My cousin Alan and his wife Jessica brought some of their pets to entertain and teach the kids. Holy cow. BIG snake. Jaimee jumped on the table. Shanna stayed in the kitchen, and the kids, well, they pretty much were enthralled for an hour.

Of all the delicious pies, ice cream and cobbler, Liz and I go for the sucker.

Oh, and this is what Colter did the entire trip. And yes, he still loves me. What can I say, he's the best husband ever?! I know you're jealous. You'll nver find another man like mine.

In case you were wondering, of course we did Black Friday! We went to Walmart. Crazy. A small town of 99% Mormon Moms with 20 kids to each trying to get Christams presents. What were we thinking!? But holy cow did we do good!!!!! 2 dollar DVDs, a vacuum, and 2 sets of sheets. Boo-ya! Perhaps the most miraculous thing was no nail marks. After coming home at 4 in the morning, we slept forever. I don't think we would have woken up if it was Apocalypse.

After coming home, Colter's Grandmother took us to the Sing-along Messiah in Downtown Salt Lake! It was a ton of fun, though really heavy music. I enjoyed listening much more than singing.

Thanks for the incredible Thanksgiving week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!